High school students sometimes feel overwhelmed by writing. They know it’s essential for school and life, but often, they don’t know how to improve. Here are some of the concerns I hear from my student writers (and their parents):

If this sounds like you, I can help.

I’ve been teaching secondary (grades 7-12) and post-secondary (college) literature and composition for nearly twenty years. I hold a Bachelor’s in Secondary English Education and a Master’s in English, with current teaching licenses in Arizona, California, and South Carolina. I’ve taught every type of writer—the voracious to the reluctant— and I’ve found all become stronger when given one thing. Feedback.

What’s feedback?

Feedback includes comments on what you write (your ideas and development) as well as how you write it (organization, style, and grammar). It’s much more than a red-pen mark-up adding commas and correcting run-on sentences. Specific feedback helps you identify patterns in your writing and thinking, so you know how to revise and practice to get better.

Why feedback?

Most people can’t see patterns in their own writing either because they lack skills or distance.

Many online writing courses have great content, but how do you know if you’ve applied the lessons?

Maybe your classroom teacher gives feedback, but it is limited (probably because he has 70-100 essays to work through, so he’s only able to give feedback on the most glaring issues).

Maybe you are homeschooling and need a second set of eyes on your writing.

Whatever your reason, I can provide specific, constructive, and kind feedback on your writing.


Feedback on one essay or story: $15

You send: a completed writing assignment (essay or short story) up to 1,000 words.

I’ll provide: Markup (ideas, organization, style, and conventions) and critique of content with specific, actionable feedback to help you revise and grow as a writer. (5-7 day turnaround)

Example essay feedback here (coming soon).

Feedback on a research paper: $25

You send: a research paper up to 2,000 words (not including Works Cited page).

I’ll provide: Markup (ideas, organization, style, and conventions) including notes on citations and use of research.

Example research feedback here (coming soon).

Ready to see your student grow as a writer? Contact me, and we’ll get you scheduled!

Include grade of student and type of writing (essay, research paper, story)

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Revision Strategies
Help for Reluctant Writers
Stronger Academic and Analysis Writing