It’s half-way through the summer break. A little over half-way through the year. It’s the half-way point of our current duty station. Reaching the half-way point feels like tottering on the edge sometimes.

Am I meeting my goals? Have I prepared for the next part? Do I know which direction to set to finish well?

The questions mount and it can be paralyzing. I do this to myself too often.

Instead, I need to look at today. What am I doing today, even for a few minutes to love my family well, to move my body, to write something, to read something, to learn something?

John Dryden once said, “We first make our habits, and then our habits make us.”

So instead of getting more expansive with my goals and plotting out the next two years on a spreadsheet or remapping a five-year-plan, today, I will focus on today and those small actions that stack up to big change over time.

What do you do when you get half-way?